BMM is fueled by the heart, soul and values behind it. The following are the values that we hold true in every action and communication that we do.


It is important that we empower our models to feel strong and confident in their role. We offer trainings for our new faces about how to pose, catwalk, and communicate with clients on your first jobs. Once you start traveling and working, we advise you on your image, contracts and expenses. We believe modeling to be an extremely valuable education that can bring incredible possibilities into your life.

Open communication

Open communication goes both ways between model and agency. We cannot read your mind and you cannot read ours. It is important that we are both willing to give and receive feedback. Sometimes this means difficult or challenging conversations. Things that are worthwhile are never easy.  However, when we keep an open line of communication and understand each other's perspectives and challenges, it's always possible to come to a solution or understanding that works for everyone. As a model develops, matures and grows, she begins to form stronger opinions about her career and direction. Instead of feeling frustrated about losing some control, we celebrate this gradual change and are happy when a model is ready to bring their own ideas and opinions to the table. We are excited for and proud of the personal growth of our models.

Open communication also means that we are transparent about our business practices, such as contracts, commissions, and expenses. 

Career sustainability

We prioritize long and prosperous careers over overwhelming experiences and burnout. We do not pressure the models to work and travel until they feel prepared. Additionally, we share the financial investment into the model's career, meaning that we cover many of the expenses involved in their development. This allows the model to start earning money immediately when they are ready, instead of spending time paying back a debt to the agency. We do not force or rush our models to sign contracts, and encourage them to read and really understand the expcatations first.

Challenge the standard

We are always trying to re-define 'what is a model' A model is a beautiful person, of course - but also a role model to people across the globe. You are not only your looks and your figure or measurements, but also your talents, experiences and passions.

We are also striving to create a different and higher standard for model agencies and the treatment of models. We see model management as a collaboration, where we are the contributors, guides, and collaborators, instead of 'the boss'.