Somebody stopped me on the street and gave me a card from BMM. What should I do?

Say hello! :) Email, remind us where we met and send a picture of yourself, your age, your height, and clothing size.

What if I am a student or not finished my school yet?

School and education is important, which is why we are flexible and work with the model's school schedule to train and develop them during the time they have available. BMM considers modeling to be an education also. In this job, you learn how to be a freelancer and run your own business, how to work with different teams of different cultures and backgrounds, and how to promote yourself. As a model, you learn by actions and experiences, instead of from a book. The education and confidence you gain in a career as a model can be carried into many other parts of your present and future life, just the same as a traditional education.

Do the models need to pay anything?

Unlike traditional model agencies, BMM does not charge expenses back to their models. This means that we do not charge for digitals, web fees, trainings, or set cards. When a model is ready, we also invest in their book with paid tests shot by industry-leading photographers in order to attract the best clients in all markets. 

then how do you make your money?

BMM takes a commission on all model bookings worldwide. We do not make money until you do. You do not pay a higher comission in order to retain us as your mother agent, and you do not pay any commissions directly to us.

What if I don´t fit into the typical model measurements or expectations?

Redefining 'what is a model' is an important value to the agency. We are ready and waiting to receive applications from anyone and everyone, and will get back to those we think might have that special 'something' that we are looking for.

Do I need to travel?

Part of what makes working in the model industry so exciting, interesting, and educational is the ability to travel and work with different people in different countries. Travel is not required but strongly encouraged. Certain countries are better for models of a certain profile or age, and others might be better as you change, gain more experience, or get older. The more flexible you can be, the more possibilities will be available for you.

what if I do not live in Berlin or Germany?

Our current group of models includes models from around Europe including Denmark, Sweden, many parts of Germany, and Spain. Where you are located is not important, as the modeling industry is a very international business. As long as there is a good and open communication, it is always possible for us to work together.